Hear for yourself the results and testimonials from some of our own clients 


​"I have really enjoyed the training you make exercising fun!!!.  You have helped me start to achieve my new year’s resolution (get fit not fat!!) and I hope that I can continue this!"
- Kellie, NIGHT OPS Group Training


"I just wanted to thank you - since I started with Matt's program, I've noticed significant changes in my body shape, diet and mindset. Although the 8 week challenge has finished, I'm sticking to the program - it works for me. I've now lost 6kg since starting the program, I haven't been at 92kg since my wedding 6 years ago - thats 16kg since starting training with you. I'm elated..." 



"My sister and I started this journey 4 years ago. We knew we were both an unhealthy weight and had to do something to make a change in our lives. That's when our journey with Sarah began. On meeting Sarah for the first time, we could see how much she knew when it came to health & fitness and her passion for it was incredible! From day one, Sarah has helped guide and educate us on our fitness journey, equipping us with mental toughness to push ourselves to reach our goals and even exceed them. She has been an inspiration, great motivator and a trainer who gives 110%. She makes training sessions fun but more importantly, these sessions DO work! If you're looking for a supportive way to achieve your fitness goals, I highly recommend joining IN2Life Personal Training with Sarah!"

- Tina and Nella, NIGHT OPS Group Training


"I have been attending Sarah's training group for 4 years and in that time she helped me lose weight and tone up. Her classes are energetic and full of enthusiasm from all those who attend. Sarah makes working out fun and the overall results are what make me return each week. She motivates me and teaches me ways to eat smarter so I can learn to live a healthy life both inside and out."

- Melissa, NIGHT OPS Group Training



"Metabolic Jumpstart has taught me about portion sizes and how important they are. I achieved weight loss but more importantly I have lost centimeters. I am very happy with what I have achieved and look forward to maintaining the program as part of a lifestyle change. As a coach, Sarah was considerate to challenges I met along the way. She supported when "I fell off the wagon" and inspired me to pick up and carry on the next day without feeling defeated or discouraged. She recognized areas of weakness for me (eg. boredom eating) and gave me tools to combat them! Thanks IN2Life Personal Training!

- Nicole Birell, Matt O'Neill's Metabolic Jumpstart Coaching client


"Sarah, I just want to thank you for your fitness classes and training. Without it I wouldn't have been able to get the results I have gotten! Thank you!

- Carina, NIGHT OPS Group Training


"I found myself doing push ups off the kitchen bench when I was getting dinner organized and had to chuckle to myself, I am feeling great thank you MUMS ON THE RUN!"